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Excel Macros

  • Xl2mny:
    A macro from Microsoft US - 1995.
    Note: Xl2mny don't work with Excel 2002 (XP) and above.
    See: Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q77220
    Updated 12/03/03: this MSKB article seems to have been removed by Microsoft !

  • Xlstoqif:
    A macro from Microsoft France - 1991.
    Note: Xlstoqif don't work with Excel 97 and above.
    See: Microsoft Knowledge Base article F141157

  • XLtoQIFConverter:
    A macro from Big Red Consulting - 2002.
    Note: Free to try (limited to 100 transactions), Full version available for $29.
    See: Big Red Consulting About XLQIF Converter

  • Quicken.bas:
    By Graham Hobson.
    Three basic Excel macros for loading, saving transactions or extracting categories to/from a QIF file.
    See: The description on the Cutting Edge Software web site

Text files conversion (.csv .txt ...)

  • The Financial File Converter:
    A shareware by Monthtwo Systems to convert QIF files to/from other formats.
    A quote from their web site:
    Monthtwo Systems is a software house and software engineering company, providing bespoke programming services. We publish The Financial File Converter - a utility for converting qif files to/from other formats, changing date formats in qif files, and auto-categorising files independent of Quicken and Money.
    See: TFFC

  • Txttoqif:
    A tool from Microsoft France - 1991.
    See: Microsoft Knowledge Base article F141157

  • Csv2qif.perl
    A Perl script to convert CSV into QIF for import into programs like Microsoft Money.
    See: Cute hacks

  • ToQIF:
    A tool from Jean-NoŽl CASASSUS to convert to .qif the .csv files from the software MaTirelire.
    See: The description of ToQIF

  • OFX Converter:
    Delimited Text to MS Money Open Financial Exchange Converter (freeeware).
    See: OFX Converter


  • MT2OFX:
    A Duch freeware to convert data in MT940 format (from banks such as ABN-AMRO) to OFX/QIF - 2003.
    Version 3 can be configured to read input from any text-based file, including delimited and fixed-width fields. Output is still to QIF, OFC and OFX.
    See: MT2OFX

  • HTML to QIF & OFX conversion
    A Perl script to convert HTML credit card statements pages from EGG, Cahoot & American Express banks to QIF or OFX format.
    See: Marks Money Utils

  • QIF to text conversion
    An IBM developerWorks article describing a sed script to convert a Quicken .QIF file into a text-readable format.
    See: Sed by example, Part 3

  • Qifdate:
    A tool from the Bank of New Zealand which converts the dates of a QIF file from MM/DD/YY to DD/MM/YY and swaps Memo and Payee fields
    See: Bank of New Zealand

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